COVID-19 –



To the whole family,

We have thought about you a lot in recent days - our customers, our employees and our communities.

Your health and safety are our priority and are at the heart of all our decisions. We believe it is essential to reduce the transmission of COVID-19. Here are some of the steps we are taking to protect each of us as the situation continues to evolve.

We work around the clock to make sure all the items you love are available when you want them and shipped safely.

We follow the advice and best practices suggested by the Ministry of Health of Canada very carefully.

At all of our facilities and shipping centers worldwide, we have increased our daily cleaning practices, including more frequent hand washing, use of disinfectant, and cleaning of equipment.

Our customer service team is available to answer all of your questions about your customer experience, confirm the best delivery method, and provide you with more information about all the steps we take to ensure your health and safety.


Contact us if you have any concerns.